Holiday Haiku

The Sarath V Memorial Library plans on establishing a Holiday Haiku tradition.  Entries for each event will be published here.

Festival! 118
Pilots were asked to write a haiku about one of stories published in the Library that conforms to the simplified structure (5 syllable; 7 syllable; 5 syllable).

A “Newtron and the Unsentient” Haiku
by Ambrosius

Newtron’s Conflux tale
Featuring many pilots
An Istvan surprise

A “Here Comes the Kahro” Haiku
by Morris

Unseen peril lurks
Dark treasures of Hamalzah
Guide me, Kardaron !

by Sinver

The Roids would not cool
Many missions were tried and failed
But the pilots prevailed


by Vorlon31

Space jump move fire flee
Fight flux mine roid trade goods dock
Equip reload do


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