The Rise and Fall of the EEA

by Anonymous

We received the following first-person  account of the formation and brief history of the Evening’s End Alliance.  While we cannot say with certainty that this is truly and insider’s accurate description – it could be a work of fiction – it has a ring of truth and we have decided to add this to our collection as a work of non-fiction.



 I’m getting very tired. Just getting old I suppose.  I sit in the cockpit of my tow, content with my lot and my part in some great adventures. I can’t disclose my real identity, even after all this time nameless agents seek to hunt down the few remaining renegades of those chaotic days.

I note while surfing the galactic net, that much of the information concerning the early days has been lost or relegated to antiquity. I suspect those seeking to hide the truth have purposely erased much of it. Many of these events are still spoken of in hallowed terms; however few are still here who participated in those epic times.

I am of course, referring to the rise and fall of the Evenings End Alliance (EEA).

I was there for all of this. I was as close to the events surrounding the rise and fall of EEA as anyone could be. I was privy to the EEA command decisions at the highest level, even influencing many events, and yes, my share of atrocities. As such I feel a responsibility to document these events so they are not forgotten.

The foundation of the EEA was not some random event. The founding squad of EEA was in-fact, MaDji. I was a founding member of the MaDji; The MaDji, were led by Ixholla, and this group was formed some 3 months prior to the appearance of the Alliance.

The objective of MaDji was to make Credits and concentrate wealth into the hands of a small team of pilots. There is an old saying “. . . for they have an abundance of gold and silver, and these make war, like other things, go smoothly.”  This fact was well understood by MaDji leadership. It also implied, even at that early stage, the objective was to mount military operations on a scale never before seen.

We worked tirelessly and amassed a huge fortune. Some of our pilots had discovered ways to manipulate the local economies, and the amount of wealth we created was staggering. All of this was done while remaining politically neutral, MaDji Pilots were discouraged from engaging in combat.

Some of this fortune was used to supply first-line equipment stocks to Octavius stations. Sol raids were becoming more frequent in Octavius space; MaDji and Ixholla gathered significant political good will with Octavius squads by keeping the supply lines open.

Also at this time, an Octavius civil war was brewing between OEC and the Confederacy. Tension between Octavius warriors is the rule rather than the exception, however relations between OEC and the confederacy were rapidly approaching boiling point. Combine this with bold Sol incursions into Oct Space, and chaos was the result.

Just prior to, or even during the eruption of civil war in Octavius space, the Solrain bomber was released. Many Octavius squads were too focused on internal struggles and failed to respond to the increasing military incursions of the Sols. Octavius was being guttered.

I blame this solely on the egos of the warring factions. These two supposed defenders of Octavius space were more concerned in cutting deals with the Solrain squads so they might continue their personal war. As a result Solrain forces killed many new and unskilled Octavius pilots, while OEC and Confederacy forces stood by and watched.

The shameless deal was effectively a Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) with the invaders. The result was endless Sol incursions to Octavius stations and the wholesale killing of Octavius pilots, while warring Octavius squads and pilots stood by and refused to interfere. I witnessed this on more than one occasion.

To make things worse, the warring Octavius groups would use all of the first-line equipment stocks at Octavius stations to fight the civil war. This left the remaining Octavius squads to combat the Sol invaders, both outnumbered and using inferior equipment. The combatants of the civil war made few friends amongst fellow Octavius in those days.

The Civil war placed MaDji in a very awkward position. As we continued to stock Octavius stations, the supplies intended to help pilots confront Solrain invaders were invariably consumed by the greed and egotism of the war. This is not something we would continue; all re-supply operations were stopped. It was no surprise that the first to complain were the various factions involved in the civil war.

MaDji did not abandon the few Octavius squads still fighting the Sol invasions. Our Pilots would sit in-station to supply critical equipment to anyone who was fighting the invaders.

It was at this point a decision was made to stock and defend the Evenings End (EE) Station. We quickly realized that many Octavius squads wanted no part in the Civil war and were sick of constantly being killed by Sol invaders. We made offers to all Octavius squads not participating in the civil war to use the equipment stocks at EE. The response was overwhelming.

EE became a hive of activity.


MaDji expanded the offer to a number of friendly Quantar squads, The Therapists amongst them.

As a result of the civil war and halted resupply operations, OEC and the Confederacy squads were running out of equipment. Ixholla specifically told both groups, that the equipment stocks at EE were not available to them. Both groups had other ideas.

It took about 48 hours until OEC forces attempted to take the equipment stocks at EE by force. With the help of the neutral Octavius squads and the Quantar zealots they were easily defeated. The confederacy forces did not try a direct assault after seeing what had happened to OEC. Instead they first used politics then deceit to try and take supplies from the station. Three midnight station-stripping attempts were discovered and the pilots killed while attempting to dock or leave the station.

With these recent military successes, Ixholla immediately recognized the opportunity to strike back at the Solrain. The non-aligned squads of Octavius and Quantar had one thing in common, a hatred of Solrain oppression.

The Evenings End Alliance was formed.


The Alliance was extremely Anti-Solrain, and for the first time in weeks Solrain forces were being sorely pressed even with the advantages of the new bomber. Many Sol squads such as DSA, Sol Navy and many others who were once the hunters became the hunted.

A decisive raid at wake station to free Quantar prisoners, Tesrend amongst them, demonstrated the military power of the new alliance. It was a defining moment when Solrain forces ceased to launch in defense of Wake station and ceded the field to the EEA. On this success support for the EEA increased and the dedication of its pilots doubled, the universe would never be the same.

With the unexpected emergence of a new military power, the political landscape had changed. New deals were struck; supposedly neutral groups such as MACK, UMEC and many others immediately wanted NAP status. We of course realized that some of these squads were far from neutral, but for convenience the agreements were made.

Intelligence reports indicated that MACK had agreed to act as the eyes of Solrain fighter forces under the protection of the Non-Aggression Pact. MACK would constantly report EEA fleet positions and dispositions to Solrain groups, along with any other information on fleet movements. EEA did not forget this passive spying by MACK on behalf of our enemies.

EEA had attracted what many people would consider, the darker elements of the universe to its flag. This was exactly the kind of pilot we needed. These combat hardened veterans proved to be the sword and shield of the alliance. Given a well-supplied home at EE, and an abundance of enemies the outcome was never in doubt. The pilots from these squads helped to forge the reputation of the EEA as an uncompromising opponent of Solrain who was not adverse to killing civilian pilots if necessary.

With the inability to defeat the forces of EEA on the field, the political and propaganda war against the alliance began. Largely, a predicable smear campaign that made for some interesting reading in the morning papers.

The political landscape settled after a few weeks and a new balance had been struck. Massive fleet battles were occurring between Solrain and EEA forces on a regular basis. All the while supplies of vital equipment, to feed the alliance war machine, were quietly moved into EE by a ghost fleet of Tows. Instigators from Amananth, Morningstars from Hyperial, Hitmen, Flashfires, Thorns, Guzzlers, Purgs, Duelists. The resupply effort was phenomenal and the ongoing financing for this operation never stopped.

The great tow rip: With hostilities between EEA and the Sols at an all-time high it was decided to conduct some payback on MACK for their ongoing spy activities. A faction mission was being run in Octavius space and MACK was bringing in some supplies through the Gurge. This opportunity was not lost on the EEA leadership. EEA forces destroyed the escorts and proceeded to take down the line of MACK tows. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Tensions increased with Octavius forces as a result of this attack on MACK. However the loyalty of the EEA pilots was not in question, the net effect of the tow rip was some increase in the political vitriol. This was completely acceptable, “we do not care if they hate us, as long as they fear us.”


Some other interesting events happened over the intervening months, which were generally countered by the EEA combat fleet. The Sols attempted to stock and hold Klatches Hold, Station. This effort was crushed in short order, as the Solrain forces lacked the manpower and Co-ordination to protect the station on a 24/7 basis.

Sol-Navy and other squads launched some major offensives against EE, with good timing and numbers they were able to defeat station defenders for short periods. Invariably the long re-supply lines back to Sol space defeated these incursions.

Some Octavius activists constantly attempted to strip supplies from EE. One individual enjoyed more than 1000 pod rides, trying to move equipment from the station. The equipment stocks at EE enjoyed 24/7 protection by dedicated squads like Pandion Knights, -=EEA=-, EOR, Phoenix and many others. The constant fighter presence was also essential in protected incoming equipment supplies.

After 5 months of constant war, and with declining pilot numbers EEA was closed down. The objective of the alliance was achieved and the Solrain forces were no longer the dominant military force in the galaxy. There was no longer a defining purpose holding the Squads and pilots of EEA together.


Ixholla and many other key members of the EEA had gone to ground, dispersed back to faction space, some were never heard from again.

As for me, I adopted a new identity and enjoyed the anonymity of being a normal pilot for some years, completing faction missions, marveling at the new station technology. I even fought the resurgent conflux.

Now I take one last trip back to Evenings End station, jumping into the empty sector I slowly move my tow to the docking rings. I am flooded with memories every time I see this station, and its familiar position from the gate. I feel the shudder run through the ship as the docking clamps lock.

Remembering old friends and better times, I shut down the ship’s reactor, and head for the station cryo-pods.

They say you don’t even dream in extended cryo-sleep.