The Kingmonkey Tails – The Murk

by Kingmonkey

Holy Freakin’ Crap!

kingmonkey had been in transit from the site where the space manatees had found the great ring for almost four weeks now. The monotony of daily life had begun to grind him down long before this and now he felt he was on the verge of snapping. At the best of times monkey was… excitable, and prone to stop whatever he was doing in favor of more “fun” things to do. He had never been able to maintain his concentration for this long and was sure the strain of maintaining focus was going to cause his brain to rupture and leak from his ears, or worse he would develop a human brain.

There’s a scary thought: me as a human… Hello fellow teammates, it is I, your friend kinghuman. I have returned from my appointed tasks of the day. How fun my day was. I flew seven pre-plotted missions for TRI, with the purpose of trafficking data requisition forms from Solrain space to all primary storage depots. The humor of my tale lies in the fact that in my cargo I was given the aa/23c-x forms but I was supposed to be given the ba/23c-y forms. This is funny because the aa/23c-x forms are for parts requisitions for personal use WITHIN a squad, whereas the ba/23c-y forms are for the requisitioning of parts for personal use OF a squad. Ho ho ho. What merriment was expressed over this error… Yeesh, living as a human! What a scary idea.

The radio had ceased functioning properly after the last contact with Antikas. He was no longer able to raise Eternal Legacy, and even more, he was no longer able to pick up background noise. monkey had spent several days trying to fix the problem, but feedback had wiped out much of the delicate circuitry.

Over the course of the last few weeks, the space manatees prattled on about their divine missions of the past and how many of them were able to die in defense of others. They seemed disturbingly fixated on the idea of dying and this made kingmonkey uncomfortable. During their long winded speeches, however, he would slip into long daydreams and often awoke from those dreams with an active missile lock on the leader of the manatees.

It seemed the Murk was still a few more weeks away. monkey was about to cry from boredom when all of a sudden an early warning indicator flashed to life on the console. He jolted upright in his seat, dropping his bowl and sending Cheerios(R) flying across the cockpit of the Smack-a-Roid. He could see a collision warning, but saw nothing on his radar. Space in front of him was black. He reversed his engines and fired them at full throttle; the ship moaned under the strain as tons of minerals in the cargo hold fought to continue their present course. It took nearly five full minutes for the ship to come to a halt. Looking at his radar once again, he still saw no sign of any imminent collision. Looking out the canopy-nothing but blackness.

On a whim, monkey fired the mining lasers to see if anything too dark to be seen was in front of him, or if there was some kind of heavy dust cloud that was causing this error. The beam shot out like a knife and immediately came to a stop on the surface of… of… of something big which was only 7 meters from the front of his cockpit!

Ggaaakk! I almost face planted in that thing!

My friend, we have reached the Murk. This dust cloud will obscure you senses for many days to come now, before we reach the shining eye. There are many great mountains in space in this sector. We will have to guide you very slowly through the area.

You couldn’t have told me this before we reached this place? I was almost monkey stew a la vacuum! Geez you guys are unreliable. Now you wanna tow me even slower? I’m gonna be an ancient monkey by the time I get anywhere. I’m gettin’ an ulcer.


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