Here Comes the Kahro

“Here Comes the Kahro” is a very ancient children’s play-song with its roots in The Parable of Karadron.  The story has been changed slightly, but is essentially the tale of the Prophet Kardaron, and his alleged discovery of the first semifluxor asteroid. “Black as night” is clearly a reference to the hazardous invisibility of semifluxors. The people who lament Kardaron’s apparent passing cry that their home will be ruined because of his demise – hence the stealing of their “hearth homes”. His going “away with gemstones” of course refers to the gap in their income which would have ruined them. The last verse is a warning to treat semifluxor asteroids with great caution.

by Anonymous

Here he comes,
Black as night,
Come to steal our hearth-homes!
There he goes,
Black as night,
Gone away with gemstones!
If he finds you,
Run and hide!
Here comes the Kahro!