The Kingmonkey Tails – Tribulation

by Kingmonkey

Monkey sat in the cockpit of the Smack-a-Roid, reading the data provided by his sensor link regarding the mysterious ring. Antikas had “borrowed” a sensor link form one of TRI’s R&D labs some time ago and “upgraded” it with “independent” technologies. monkey didn’t like when Antikas spoke with so many quotations, it meant he was trying to cover something up. Antikas was a terrible liar, and coupled with that, he usually only lied when things were really bad and he was trying to figure out how to solve some crisis. monkey recalled how, more than once, Antikas had been asked to answer some questions by nice TRI officials regarding unauthorized tampering to TRI regulated components of his ship. It had caused Antikas plenty of problems in the past, and monkey even suspected that it may have been one of the reasons the original Echo Project had been in TRI’s bad books so many years ago.

Right now, monkey was pleased as pie that Anti had tampered with this sensor link. The data it provided was far more than anything he would have received from a standard TRI sensor sweep of the ring. It looked as though there were numerous fractures along several crystal components of the artifact. Over the past few days, monkey had determined that he found the connection point for some sort of power source. The problem was that there was no power source evident anywhere in the portal itself. Also, the crystal bits looked like they were energy condduits of some kind, maybe transfering photonic energy?

Man, this science stuff is easy!! Any scientist who says science is hard is lying. I’ve been sitting here for a while now and I think I’ve figured this thingy out. Of course I’m talking to myself out loud, but I think that’s not from stress, but rather from the lack of sleep I’ve had. Or is that not had? Or having? Is there a grammar book here? Why would I have brought one? Why am I still asking questions even thought they’re no longer relevant? Hey do I have any cake on board?

monkey looked rough. His fur was matted and greasy and shot out in great wild shocks. His eyes were rimmed in red and he found that he could not stop blinking now. The strobe effect that this produced caused him to trip any time he tried walking to the lavatory. He had tried turning off the Simu-Grav(tm), but this resulted in worse, more embarrassing problems in the lavatory.

He had given up wearing the shirt of his flight suit early on, and had progressed, to this point, to only wearing his magical underwear (at least that nice Sol who sold them to him said they were magical, and though no magical phenomena had occured with the underwear as of yet, he was confident that they would eventually perform some miracle and justify the 15,000 credits he paid for them).

He had conversed with Antikas and some other pilots from the Eternal Legacy a few times, trying to figure out what to do next.

Antikas had asked if there were some way they could use a non harnessed anomaly like a jumpgate by linking it with the portal once it could be located and powered up.

Dr. Hayakawa concurred and asked if it might not be possible to use an anomaly in conflux space where there would be little interference from active jumpdrives in the area.

Mordikar asked if there would really be any loss to society if kingmonkey were left out in the outer reaches of space.

From there the conversation had degenerated a bit. Eventually Antikas had reigned in the name calling and verbal abuse.

While all parties involved figured out as much as they could about their own portion of the puzzle, monkey sat in deep space in his underwear, eating cake and staring at a big friggin ring in the middle of nowhere

Friggin’ space!

Friend monkey, our legends speak of a great shining cloud in space…

I hope this legend has a bit more backing than your legends about this hunk of crap.

Oh, indeed they do. This great shining cloud sparkles with life of its own and devours all that it touches. perhaps you could somehow use this cloud to your benefit?

Shining cloud… pulsing with light… devours all it touches. Great Hammy’s nine iron!! You’re talking about an anomaly! Holy crap, would that ever help.

The shining cloud is deep in the Murk, and expanse of space littered with so many rocks that the very void between is choked with dust and nary a beam of light passes.

What does nary mean?

It means it’s really dark in there.

How is it you guys happen to know where everything I just happen to need is? It’s kinda freaky if you stop and think about it.

We are all but characters in the story of life. We simply go where we are written and speak what we are scripted.

You guys are freaks. But you’re freaks that can help me out a lot. Help me tie this mooring line to the portal. We’re gonna tow this ring into the Murk and see if I can’t put the ring and the cloud together somehow.

So close now… soon my plans shall bear fruit. Then I will make them all pay for what they have done to me. Soon I shal use the power of the ring to conquer all of TRI. LONG LIVE MY EMPIRE!! LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE OF… what? Who could that be? Did someone order take out? Well answer the damn door, moron. I’m busy… no I can’t take time out of my busy schedule you jerk. Hey don’t get lippy with me, I’m paying you remember? Fine I’ll get the door. Hello? Yes, that’s me. How much is it? What?!? That’s outrageous… I’m not paying 35 credits, the damn pizzas cold. Well, yes I want it, but I shouldn’t have to pay full price for it, it’s not even hot… No wait come back here. Augh!!…No I didn’t get your pizza…Don’t look at me that way, the delivery guy was very rude. You should have heard what hesaid about your mother. I think iif you jump in your Dragon, you can still get him…Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!!!


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