The Kingmonkey Tails – Meanwhile …

by Kingmonkey

A soft thump in the cargo hold interrupted the droning of the three mining lasers. kingmonkey blinked and stretched as he awoke. He rubbed his eyes and checked the cargo loadout. Sure enough, the Heavy Miner (dubbed Smack-a-Roid) was full to capacity with precious ores and various amounts of trace elements. This was going to be a great money making haul. He turned off the mining lasers, and after a quick pre-flight check for safety, began to plot a course back to Quantar Core.

That was when he noticed…

Where the hell am I?

He checked out the star clusters within visible range and tried to ID them in the Auto-Nav(TM). Nothing matched up to his current database. kingmonkey tilted his head quizzically and scratched his head.

What the hell is goin’ on here? I updated my nav at EL’s Gyre station! Why is everything reading wrong?

He double-, triple- and quadruple- checked his co-ordinates, still nothing matched. There was no escaping the fact that he was currently positioned in a roid belt that simply did not exist on his nav maps. In fact none of the cosmic features of this sector resembled any sector of known space that he had visited.

He began to toggle through active targets, scanning for nearby Sensor Array Beacons and Jumpgates, but none were in this sector as far as he could tell. No beacons, no gates, no stations, no pilots: this did not look promising. Simply pu, he was not where he was before he had fallen asleep. He could not even be remotely close.

Aw, friggin’ space! Is it possible that I went through a jumpgate while I was asleep? Nope, doesn’t show up on the flight log… Dammit, where am I?

He tried sending out a comm signal to any squadmates, as well as a multitude of F4 comms and a plethora of in-sector comms. No response from any pilots (if there even were any).

None of the stellar patterns matched any on file, and no Nav beacons or Jumpgates were anywhere nearby; that meant only one thing.

Oh Hammy… I’ve been sucked into another dimension or something. It don’t look like conflux space, no pink blips anywhere.

kingmonkey began to fly, fully loaded, in the first direction he saw as “fun-looking”. He throttled up and began a long journey in an unknown direction, in an unknown sector of space.

Friggin’ space!!

That’s it kingmonkey. You have already taken my lure, now it’s only a matter of time before my trap is sprung, and you are destroyed… forever! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… (cough cough) ha ha ha ha ha (grabs drink of water) gulp gulp aaahhhh… ahem, ha ha ha ha ha hahaaaaaa!!!!!

… the Tails continue


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