The Parable of Karadron

by Anonymous


A mighty man was Kardaron. His shovel was bigger than any other man’s and His chisel was always kept sharp.

Bold was He, and never any fear knew as He ranged over sky and mountains searching for the rocks and stones that brought His tribe and family comfort.

He knew red rock made iron for ploughs and swords. He knew green rock made copper for light and heat. And he knew all the other rocks for the benefits they brought to Him and His own.

One day, as He was sleeping in a rocky valley after working the faces, Hamalzah came to Him in a dream and spake unto Him. “Kardaron! Heed me!”.

And the sound was as of the rolling of thunder. “Search ye in the skies for one you cannot see. Take him into your carriage, for he will bring great wealth unto you.

There are things to know from him that you will never know unless you find him. When you have found him, you will recognise him again, and see many more of his kind in the Heavens.”

And Kardaron woke from His dream. Hamalzah’s words had confused Him and He knew not what to do. He returned to His home-hearth and spoke of His dream with the Wise Ones of the tribe.


“Do not leave us Karadaron!” urged the tribe. “You are strong, and your right hand breaks rocks, and your left hand gives good fortune. Should you leave us on this quest, we shall be ruined.”

But Kardaron’s heart was true, and He heeded the words of Hamalzah, and set forth to journey the sky. And there was much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments on his departure.

It came to pass that Arkan, a Demon of Horridahl saw this, and came unto the tribe in Quantar form to tempt them away from Hamalzah. “Look how the mighty Hamalzah takes away your

strong right arm, and your generous left arm! Is this truly the work of a God?” he said unto them. And they were weak, and he was strong in his oratory.

And they grew angry with Hamalzah, and set out to look for Kardaron. They looked into their oracles to see where Kardaron had gone. They saw Him in the sky, with his great shovel

and iron cart. As they watched Him thus, he disappeared from the oracle, despite their being nothing else to see that might cause this, and they threw themselves on the ground in despair.

“See how Hamalzah takes your greatest prospector?” said Arkan. And they believed him, for they could not see how else Kardaron could have vanished. They lamented for Kardaron and

split His belongings amongst the tribe as was their way. They tore down the effigy of Hamalzah in the Temple, and replaced it with an effigy of Horridahl in its place. And Arkan became

the leader of their tribe, taking many children and women into his service. And the tribe began to suffer great hardship, as Arkan made merry, they neglected their fields and slept often.


Then came such a day that Kardaron returned. Not one of the tribe knew of His coming, for they had not been attending the oracles as they should.

Kardaron saw what Arkan had done to his hearth-home and was greatly displeased. He went to Temple, where Arkan sat upon a throne of bronze, attended by the Quantar, who feared him.

There the tribe saw it was Kardaron, and He had returned to them.

He took His shovel in His mighty right hand, and struck Arkan. The blow was so mighty as to have laid low mountains, and Arkan was rent asunder and sent to the four winds. “See, I have returned,” spake Kardaron. “With Hamalzah’s Light I have found that which cannot be seen.

With my right arm I have brought it back, and with my left arm I give it to you. Come back to Hamalzah, and ye shall partake of His Divine bounty, which He has given to us.”

And the tribe came back to Hamalzah, but they said “Kardaron, we thought you were lost, for we could not see you in the oracle!”. And He said unto them “I was not lost.

I have found that which cannot be seen. As black as the sky it was, and hard to see. It lies in wait for the unwary, and hidden as it is can destroy even iron carts such as mine.

The heavens have many of these dark things, and now I know their appearance, I can show you where they are.”

And he opened up his iron cart, and gave unto the tribe great wealth with his left hand, as was His way. From then on, the tribe was Hamalzah’s and His alone.

And they prospered and made merry in the Light of Hamalzah.


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