Fragments of Quantar History

by Brother Malum Ionus

Quantar Religious Affairs Division (OFFICIAL), © 102


Trapped in time, artifacts of our ancient Quantar Civilization have in many cases remained hidden in the dark expanses of our newly reclaimed territory for thousands of years. The Great Collapse claimed much of our history along with our technology, yet small pieces of that history remained just out of reach waiting only for some determined pilot to happen upon them.

Until recently items called simply enough, DSS disks, where thought to be nothing more than trivial pieces of space junk. No one could gain much from them, and most of the information that could be gathered from such disks was fragmented and unintelligible. Yet the determined Quantar researchers were up to the challenge of unlocking the hidden mysteries they thought the disks might contain. Their research was not in vain.

I was contacted not one month prior to my writing this about collecting a sampling of DSS Disks to see if the Quantar Religious Affairs Division (QRAD) had actually found the “Key” to unlocking disks of Quantar origin. By the efforts of Pilots VonHomer and Ackers, QRAD was provided a large sampling of disks to test upon. Once a specific disk was identified as being readable, many other pilots stepped forward to collect the required disks. Pilots RubberDuck, Ackers, Wilecoyot, Grinder, SpaceDad, Akhean, Whisper0, Zee, 108, Soundwave and Beginner provided over 26 disks to look over. From these disks, fragmented pieces of information mostly in the form of ancient Quantar records, communications, and manifests where harvested.

Imagine if you will, the puzzle of our past set before you. Around you are fragments and pieces that form the picture of our history, yet how these pieces fit together remains a mystery. Thus was the task I was asked to perform.

In the following thesis I shall explore our history through the glimpses of our past these disks provided. Where I am able I shall include the actual text contained within the disks and fill in the “gaps” with my own commentary gathered from our own discussions to bring this story to light.

Some of what you will read may surprise you; some of it may even anger you. But know that our history is a proud history, and one that should be an example of how we Quantar should honor and learn from our past lessons.

In Service,
Brother Io


The Four Tribes of the Diaspora

So it was upon the Dawn of Quantar, Four Tribes left searching for the seed of life. Down paths uncharted amongst the churning stars leading each beyond the embrace of Quanus the green mother.

It is interesting to note the term “Seed of Life” which in many Quantar texts, including the three Books of Hamalzah, is attributed to the world that possibly all “human” life began upon. It’s therefore a good assumption that even at this early age of our civilization the “Seed of Life” was lost in the darkness of time. This “Legend” is also held by Solrain and Octavian Historians, yet no sign nor has proof of this “Homeworld” ever been uncovered. It’s also noted here that the planet Quanus (Home planet of what is now Quantar Core Station) was the launching point of the Quantar colonies.

Unto Three found new homes to take root upon once wary of travel and Hamalzah was pleased. To the Last which Hamalzah kept as tribute for his children’s folly.

This clearly indicates the first attempt by our ancestors to colonize foreign worlds. From this we can deduct that 3 of the “tribes” sent forth to colonize found homes, while the last was lost in space, never to return home to Quanus or be recovered.

Some theories suggested that the lost Tribe may have ventured too deeply into what is now Unregulated Space, and not finding a suitable planet to settle upon, they may have perished due to lack of food or fuel. Remember this is before any indication of “Jump” technology was uncovered, so the time and distance would have been measured in years or decades rather then seconds as it is in our present reality.

As for present day proof of this exodus of Quantar one would see it clearly when traveling between TriPoint, Corridor and yes, Hyperial. Each station (In the opinion of the author) is in fact an artifact of our Quantar past. Each built and formed from the ancient Quantar tradition of “Stonecraft” of which the means to replicate is now lost. Our ancestors could and did form rock not only into works of art, but as living and breathing extensions of our domain among the stars. Other examples can be seen by various strangely formed asteroids found within Quantar space.

In time, memory grows dim. The remaining Tribes of the Diaspora lost sight of Hamalzah. Unto each a new false message was born which rotted within the belly of the Children of Quanus. Brothers fought Brothers as the times of trouble were upon us. Yet to all a vision of the One appeared, and preparations for his coming were made by all the Children of Quanus.

While all four worlds shared a common faith, interpretations of our faith began to evolve differently. Be it the long distance between Colony worlds or the differences in the spiritual needs of each colony, the Faith of our ancestors began to take on unique traits depending upon which world you inhabited. However at some point, a prophecy was made and recognized by all that “One” would arise to perhaps bring an end to the civil wars between the Colonies alluded to in this passage.

Of four tribes divided one did rise among them bearing a white light. The Truth Bringer born of the green mother bearing the mark of Hamalzah. The Star Shifter among who brought reason once again among the Tribes. Of Roh didst Hamalzah place his grace, unto him Divine knowledge and truth was brought once again to unite the Children of Quanus.

And so we have seen the fulfillment of the prophecy. The arrival of Roh, whose true origins be they of divine or natural occurrence remains hidden. However it is noted here that Roh was born upon Quanus the “Green Mother”. Alluding of possible “miracles” are also given here; “Star Shifter” and a reference to a “White Light” all give a strong indication that Roh was truly touched by Hamalzah to do his work among his people with Divine Power. That work, clearly indicated in the above passage, was to once again unify the four tribes (Colonies) under one Faith.

There was some speculation upon the actual “Powers” Roh exhibited during our discussion upon this fragment. These “Powers” have never been documented and are taken as a matter of Faith by the people of Quantar. While we as a people were mistaken by thinking Brother Dayalu’s powers were of “Divine” nature, it was discovered that his Amananthii background lent him his abilities, and not the grace of Hamalzah. There is no proof or reason to believe that “Divine” power is the same or equates to “Amananthii” abilities (Edited by QRAD).

Yet one arose to stand against the Tide of Roh. Hidden in time and distance from the other Children it rose upon its hideous haunches and exposed its truth to Roh as his gaze looked upon them. Tle Lifeblood of Brothers drawn among each other given falsely to the name of Hamalzah. The truth was brought to bear and its truth brought the wrath of Roh upon the Heathens.

Very curious passage. Here we have the first outward proclamation that one Colony recanted upon the prophecy. It also indicates that this Tribe evolved their faith far beyond the true teachings of Hamalzah in that they possibly partook of human sacrifice in the name of Hamalzah or offered their own blood as a token, which goes directly against the ancient teachings. One would assume that Roh, upon actually visiting this Colony (Which the author believes to be what later became Hyperial) uncovered their “Heathen” practices and thus declared the Jihad al din against them.

Jihad al din

Among the tribes did Roh pass on the grace of Hamalzah, yet one refused His grace and turned away from His chosen path. An affront to Hamalzah didst these children of Quanus commit. Of innocent blood and life did they offer Roh, only to be refused and cursed. Upon their crooked backs did the light of Roh shine as the three rose against the one.

And so the Jihad al din begins. Three tribes accepted Roh’s role as savior and prophet while the Dark Tribe chooses to remain true to its bloody interpretation of the Faith. Upon seeing this as an insult to the will of Hamalzah the three faithful tribes rose up against these heathens at the urging of Roh and began the Jihad al din to bring the tribe that eventually became Hyperial inline.

With sorrow did the faithful set out to fight, spurned on by the fire of Roh’s white light. To bring back a lost Brother was their greatest hope, but nothing but spite and hatred was returned. Upon its darkest hour, as the fleets of the Dark Tribe where sundered, the Heathens made use of the evil knowledge they had learned over the ages.

Under the guise of a gift of peace was it given. Yet the token of peace brought with it withering death to all as it spread among the three. Warrior, Priest, Mother and child; the beast unleashed had no preference. Like a fire it spread unto each and extinguished life without mercy.

But the Mercy of Hamalzah would not stand idle. Through the voice of Roh could the beast not stand against. The dark shadow was lifted by the hand of Roh and to his children he set free of the chains of death.

The three faithful Tribes united under Roh struck back upon Hyperial for their Heathen ways. But upon the dawn of their victory a plague was unleashed by Hyperial upon the other worlds under the guise of an offer for peace. It appears that this engineered plague spread quickly throughout the Quantar worlds and might possibly have threatened total extinction of the Quantar race.

But in the darkest of hours, Roh came forward and in some way ended the plague through what could only be described as a miracle.

The fate of the Dark Tribe was sealed by their own actions. Of honor lost never to be regained those children of Quanus where Brothers no more. Banished where they the dark hearted ones. To be sent back into the caves and never allowed to defile the Stars again Roh commanded. But of one last call for Mercy did Roh proclaim.

Of Orus the Lion did Roh call to his side. A man of devotion and faith was he. The Lion he was called and of iron he was wrought. Upon his brow was set the mark of Hamalzah; to be shown one last time among the lost Brothers. The flame of Hamalzah he welded within his hands to either warm the souls with forgiveness or damn them to the fate they had chosen.

Into the den of wolves the Lion did venture. The Flame of Hamalzah shown one last time upon the faces of the damned and was then stilled. A last choice was given and a choice was made by the Dark Tribe. To the caves where they cast, to fester among themselves and never show their faces to the stars again for countless generations. Orus was cast out among the Heathens, a final sacrifice spread among the stars and scattered.

Through old texts Orus was shown as one of the greatest warriors during the battles against the “Dark Tribe”. He was named “The Lion” by those whom he led for his furious nature and intelligence in battle. However Roh had another purpose for him, of which Orus took willingly to end the Jihad once and for all as well as give Hyperial a fitting end for their cowardly release of a plague.

What this “Flame of Hamalzah” was, is, or represents remains a mystery. But clearly Orus was successful in his mission by somehow eliminating Hyperial as a threat for hundreds of generations. What choice Roh gave Hyperial through Orus remains a mystery. Be it a peaceful return to the Quantar Civilization or a simple end to hostility it was clear that the ancestors of Hyperial made a choice for neither. Whatever the final result of the mission ended up being it also brought about an end for Orus himself.



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