The Kingmonkey Tails – Infatuation

by Kingmonkey

While Antikas was busy playing with flux, monkey had been busy. He had flown to Octavian space to help out with the faction mission. During the interminable flights back and forth between Octavian Core and Depot, he had grown bored. kingmonkey and boredom were a bad combination.

Ferrying materials back and forth, kingmonkey couldn’t stop thinking about his divine quest. So many DSS would be needed to store that much information. That would require a lot of flying to get so many arties. He wondered what Hammy could want with this information, what was he leading monkey into? More importantly, would Dr. Holly go for Hammy’s request to kiss the monkey?

monkey thought about this idea more than any. He had seen a holograph of Dr. Holly Q’son once in a press release on TRINN. She was fantastic: short dark hair, intelligent, a backpack full of twisty ties. What more could any monkey want?

More time passed.

Kingmonkey: Open comm channel: f4 – Dr. Holly Q’son.

The selected pilot is not currently online. You are now being forwarded to an automated voicemail system. Dr. Holly Q’son is not available. Please leave a message after the tone.

Kingmonkey:  Ummm, hi dr. Holly. This is Quantar pilot kingmonkey of the DDZ. So, uh, how’ve you been lately. Saw you on the news the other day, lookin good. You know what happened to me the other day? I was on my way home form Hyperial when Hamalzah, I call him Hammy, himself appeared to me. He was sayin that I should bring you info on at least 50 anomalies. All I could think was, like, whoa, It’s God! But he was all like, no it’s cool. So I was like, okay and he was like thanks. And then I asked him… umm, if I got the info… if I could, umm… you know, uhh… get a kiss form you. So uh, if you can you know do somethin with the info, just let me know. Uhh, bye. I’ll talk to you later. Bye!

Okay… so I sounded like a complete jackass. Kiss that kiss goodbye. She’s probably gonna file some kind of restraining order with the CCJ.

Kingmonkey:  Hey, Anti. You finished playin’ with those flux yet?

Antikas:  “Playing? Dammit monkey I just shot my way through at least 8 mantas and 12 snails. I almost certainly should not have survived the conflict but fo the modifications I performed on the shields and power plant of this vessel.”

Kingmonkey:  Yeah, that’s fine but, when are you gonna get that ranger, so we can get all of the storage archives I need?

Antikas:  “Thank you for your concern, I’m fine. If you were facing 24 conflux, you probably would have been podded.”

Kingmonkey:  But I can’t wait to get this scanning underway. It’s gonna take me a long time to get all that data recorded. I need yer help, you’re a scientist after all.

Antikas:  “You know, I don’t specialize in anomalies. I’m sure we could get some assistance from someone better suited to this type of endeavor.”

Kingmonkey:  What’s the big deal? Science stuff is science stuff!


Antikas:  “You’re an idiot, monkey.”

Kingmonkey:  And you’re a cranky, senile old coot. You don’t hear me complaining.

Antikas:  “What? You’re always complaining about the way I do everything! Anti, stop chewing so loud! Anti stop trying to broker to newbs at a 30% markup! Anti, stop targeting me with your missile lock! I put myself into jeopardy for you, by fighting 13 mantas and 18 snails, so I can get the Ranger class vessel for your mission. Why, if I werent…”

Incoming message fromDr. Holly Q’son on comm 4. Will you accept the charges?

monkey began to sweat in places he didn’t know were places. His throat tightened and his heart pounded. He barely managed to squeak out his reply.

Kingmonkey:  Okay…

Q’son:  “Pilot kingmonkey?”

Kingmonkey:  …Gik?…

Q’son:  “I’ll see what I can do.”

With that short sentence, the conversation was closed. kingmonkey sat a moment while Antikas continued to curse on the open comm channel.

Kingmonkey:  Hey, Anti?

Antikas:  “What?”

Kingmonkey:  Dr. Holly LOVES me!

. . . the tales continue


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