Deepspace Diary: Vol.1, No.2

by Ambrosius
(originally published on Warcry on 103.8.31)

Meanwhile, TRI Marshals have taken a new turn. They’ve decided to help Hyperial! (Some people never learn.) Now ISU, who had been helping Hyperial, has decided to blockade Hyp space to stop TRI Marshals’ FM supplies from getting in (need a blockade? . . . maybe a full-fledged embargo? . . . call ISU, your commerce interruption specialists TODAY!). Last word was that after two convoys the score is ISU 1, TRI Marshals 1. The real question is will the previously pro-Hyp Octs support the TRI Marshals’ effort? Will the Quants help ISU stop TRI Marshals (gulp!) or will they help TM, this supporting the Hyp Faction Mission (gag!). And with the recent defections of several former SoLiCiDaL to PODS, what will the new political landscape look like?

Eternal Legacy has claimed to have discovered a new type of Conflux while on routine patrol in The Dark. It was described as ” relatively slow . . .” and “mostly silver or gray, with pink streaks.” What I want to know is whether the reporting pilot, Scatter, was drug-tested after his flight. First Antikas’ creation, Kingmonkey, has a personal contact with Hamalzah (see story titled THE EPIPHANY. . . now one of his pilots sees flying Orbs. What, exactly, is going on over at Eternal Legacy?

And the good news continues . . . 33 new recruits from 103.8.24 through 103.8.30. At this rate space could get crowded soon. What a nice thought.


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